"I've Got Sunshine"

This year's performance marked Amanda Lane Evans' third and final piece to be showcased at YCS. Evans is a capable young choreographer and excels at creating work that serves an underlying narrative function while expertly delivery well-developed characters.
-OU Daily


“Dread" offers a switch from the mostly technical choreography that dominates the show as it offers some narrative through a heavily character driven approach to an emotional solo. The piece was borne of collaboration between choreographer Amanda Evans and dancer Brittany Bonefas. The spare lighting and makeup leave only Evans’ exquisite, back bending choreography and Bonefas’ talented acting chops in the stark spotlight. Dread is the only piece in the show to use a prop, a generic gray, metal chair that adds to the cold, lonely atmosphere projected by an almost empty stage.
-OU Daily


The show begins with 'Catalyst' by Amanda Evans. In this detailed and moving work, we see the stage lit in cylinders of light. Playing within, and quickly vanishing beyond, this field of light are Amanda Carrick, Brittany Bonefas, Austin Crumley, Ruby Mather, Issac Martinez, Robert Montgomery and Ali Webb — who were mesmerizing as the propagators of this stunning tale.
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